Pool Parties


Members are welcome to have birthday parties, team parties, and other events at the pool. However, due to the increased number of parties held the last few years, we have been forced to add some restrictions to our policy. Therefore, it is MANDATORY that the pool management is contacted and an agreement is completed BEFORE such an event is scheduled. This will avoid conflicts with other such events and delays in your guests entering the pool. The Pool Manager or Assistant Pool Manager will also review with you the policies and rules that the Club enforces for such an activity. Rules for parties include, but are not limited to:
    1. A deposit will be required at sign up for all parties. For parties scheduled during pool hours, the deposit amount of $25 will be assessed for groups of 15 and under, or $40 for groups larger that 15. This deposit will be returned if the clean up is done to the satisfaction of the manager. For parties scheduled after pool hours, the deposit amount of $200 is assessed. This deposit will include the $150 fee for the rental and an additional $50 deposit guarantee that the party will disperse and leave the property by 11:15. If the party has left the property by 11:15 the $50 deposit will be returned to the member within a few days by way of check. For every 15 minute interval beyond 11:15 an additional $50 fee will be assessed. After hours pool parties are from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ONLY!!!
    2.  The host of the party is responsible for non-member guest’s behavior.
    3.  Party supplies will not be provided by Colony West concession stand, i.e.: plates, cups, napkins, etc